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Longarm Quilting Services

Our current turnaround time is 4-6 weeks.
We charge $0.02 per square inch for edge to edge quilting. 
Custom, free-hand motion quilting starts at $0.06 per square inch. 
Backing seams are $10.00 per seam for us to stitch, if it is not assembled. 
Each order has a $10.00 supply fee. 
We sell batting by the yard, but you can use your own if it is prepped.

Quilt Checklist

~Quilt backing must be 4" larger than the quilt top, on all four sides.
~ Press your quilt top and backing.  We do not press them before quilting.
~No buttons, loose ribbons, pins, etc. that may get caught on the machine.  It can ruin the quilting and your quilt, if caught.
~ Wavy borders?  Remove them and trim them down to the correct size. Wavy borders cause puckering and bunching when they are quilted.
~Keep your quilt top and backing separate, do not pin them together.

 About Our Quilter

Jessica has been quilting for over 10 years and loves the chance to express her creativity!  She opened up Bertha and Beulah's with her mom, Susanne, in November 2019.  Jessica treats every quilt with care and as if they were her own.  She wants every customer to be happy with the quilting services given! 

Contact us today to take advantage of our quilting services!